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Streetwear Brands in Nigeria You Should Look Out for in 2023.

Streetwear Brands In Nigeria You Should Look Out for in 2023.

Urban streetwear in Nigeria has become a popular fashion trend in recent years, particularly among the youth. Streetwear Brands in Nigeria particularly urban streetwear designs are inspired by hip-hop and urban culture can be characterized by bold and flashy designs, oversized clothing, and athletic wear. Here are the streetwear brands in Nigeria you should look out for in 2023.

Streetwear brands in Nigeria to look out for in 2023

Nigeria’s urban streetwear scene is diverse and eclectic, drawing influences from local and international fashion trends. The style is often associated with music and is commonly seen at concerts and other events. Many Nigerian musicians and celebrities have also embraced this fashion trend, further fueling its popularity.

Streetwear designs Streetwear Brands in Nigeria You Should Look Out for in 2023

The top 5 streetwear brands in Nigeria you should look out for in 2023.

Severe Nature

1. Severe Nature: Severe Nature stylized as “SVNR” was established in 2012 and can be said to be the OGs of streetwear in Nigeria. They have dominated the scene since like forever and have produced a whole lot of amazing designs and collections over the years. The brand puts out the best designs for both male and female wears from t-shirts to cap to bags and accessories and they are totally killing it. Expect a lot of cool stuff from this brand in 2023.

Ashluxe streetwear brand

2. Ashluxe: Ashluxe is a luxury streetwear brand founded by Yinka Ash. The brand is popularly known for two things. One of which is having one of the most successful celebrity-endorsed brands with the likes of Davido and the second is its robotic and futuristic designs. The relationship with Davido really took the brand straight to the top of the fashion industry in Nigeria. With standout pieces like their stylized robotic design, tracksuits, and glasses. Ashluxe is definitely one of the brands to look out for in 2023.

Rvger Clothing

3. Rvger: Rvger clothing is one of Nigeria’s most influential brands. The Rvger brand showed that they stand for the people when they released their popular ‘Toll Gate” design capturing the protest and killings that happened during the #EndSars campaign. Rvger is yet to release a collection this year but that has only built anticipation for what is to come. Pssst! Rvger is rumoured to drop a new collection in the month of June, you didn’t hear it from me. This new collection is rumoured to change the urban streetwear game as we know it. Let’s just say we are on the lookout for this brand this year.

Chance the Rapper x Free the Youth Streetwear brands

4. Free The Youth: Although not a Nigerian brand, Free The Youth is really making waves. Free The Youth was founded by a crew of fashion entrepreneurs in Ghana. The brand has completely taken over the streetwear scene in Ghana and is doing extremely well abroad. Their designs are so eye-catching at the same time unique. You put on a Free the Youth piece of clothing and you want to go to your mama immediately and say, “Mama we made it”! It’s just the feeling that comes with the piece. Go check out their designs and get yourself a Free the Youth merch.

Tribe Of God

5. Tribe of God: A Ghanaian brand also makes this list. Tribe of God was founded in 2013 by a young designer by the name of Jude Dontoh and his crew of designers. As the brand name implies, Tribe of God specializes in religious-themed art and pieces and Lord are they amazing. Tribe of God releases exclusive designs in T-shirts, Pants, Jackets, Shoes, Bags, and accessories. The brand is known for its frequent pop-ups all over the city. Co-founder Jude Dontoh also has credits for designing pieces for Jameson, Sony, and other brands around the world. Watch out for Tribe of God 2023.

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