Is Tiwa Savage the “Queen of Africa”?

Is Tiwa Savage the “Queen of Africa”?

Written by Praise Nwachuku.

Tiwa Savage at Coronation Event

Tiwa Savage has continued to make strides for Nigerians and all of Africa. She has continued to fly our flag very high with her exceptional sound and looks. Could she be befitting to be crowned the “Queen of Africa”?

After Queen Elizabeth II’s death on the 8th of September 2022, it is finally time for the United Kingdom to crown its rightful heir to the throne. It must have been a spectacular scene to witness the “Coronation of King Charles III” on the 6th of May, 2023. The cheers, the laughter, the joy, throughout the UK, all of London erupting to crown itself a new King.

King Charles Coronation Cereony

What a moment! Presidents, ministers, and celebrities from all around the world gathered around to witness this historic moment. It was a grand celebration with lots of performances from artists from all around the world amongst these performances was our very own Tiwa Savage. Her breathtaking performance left fans speculating if Tiwa Savage is indeed the “Queen of Africa”.

Tiwa Savage performing at coronation ceremony

Tiwa Savage has been representing women in the African music industry for quite a while now. From the days of her debut as Miss “Kele Kele Love” to her days in Don Jazzy’s Mavins dropping bangers up until the superstar we see today, she has cemented herself as one of the greats of the music industry in Africa as the self-titled “Queen of Afrobeats”. It comes as no surprise that Tiwa Savage would be the one invited to perform at one of the biggest ceremonies in recent times.

The Queen of Africa

Tiwa made a splash at Windsor Castle with her dazzling green gown (representing as always, thank you) while performing “The Keys to the Kingdom” from the Disney movie, “Lion King” in front of all of London. What a moment! The gown was complimented by beautiful green diamond pieces on her ears down to her fingers, and her heels green Louboutin. She looked absolutely stunning, giving a serve befitting for the Queen of Africa. The gown was custom-made by Lanre Da Siva, a renowned fashion designer in Nigeria.


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