Michael Gah art from waste

Check Out What This Amazing Ghanian Artist is Doing With Waste

Michael Gah, an artist hailing from Ghana, has taken on the noble task of repurposing discarded clothing waste into stunning works of art. His remarkable creations include depictions of children engrossed in play with toy trucks, women joyfully singing, men sporting matching trousers, and a myriad of other captivating designs. In an interview, Gah shared that aside from utilizing inexpensive materials in his art, he is also actively tackling Ghana’s textile waste issue.

Michael Gah art from waste

According to Yaw Akwaa Lartey, an environmental health expert, the country receives a staggering two million pieces of second-hand garments every week. Shockingly, research has shown that approximately 40 percent of these items end up as trash, or  indiscriminately dumped in landfills and other unregulated refuse sites scattered across the nation. Gah, however, takes it upon himself to collect several large bags of textiles on a weekly basis, skillfully transforming them into magnificent showpieces.

Michael Gah stunning art pieces made from waste

The artist’s awe-inspiring works have garnered significant attention and have been exhibited and sold both locally and internationally. Michael Gah’s expertise lies in ingeniously converting colorful clothing waste from tailoring shops and Kantamanto, located in the Greater Accra Region, into breathtaking artworks. By doing so, he effectively confronts the environmental issues stemming from fashion off-cuts and fabric waste.


Through his creative prowess and dedication, Michael Gah exemplifies the transformative power of art in addressing pressing environmental concerns. His ability to breathe new life into discarded materials not only produces visually stunning pieces but also serves as a reminder of the importance of sustainable practices. With each brushstroke, Gah contributes to the movement of raising awareness and inspiring change, turning what was once deemed waste into a testament to artistic ingenuity and environmental responsibility.

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