How Bello Turns Cartoon Characters into Living, Breathing Wonders!

How Bello Turns Cartoon Characters into Living, Breathing Wonders!

If you haven’t heard of Bellocolourthug or seen his works you are probably living under a rock and you are definitely not on Instagram.

Bellocolourthug is this internet sensation that paints characters with vibrant graffiti that’ll make your eyes pop.

That’s right! This man is an inspiration to all young aspiring artists looking to make an impact on the world through art.

Ed, Edd & Eddy by Bello

But what was life like before fame and success as an artist?

Let’s dive in into the early life of Bello aka the Color Thug.

“In the beginning drawing was a form of escape for me”

I remember days as a kid, growing up on the streets of Lagos, life was quite uninteresting. All I saw around me was struggle, pain and unhappiness. Life was colorless, tasteless and the sad part was everyone just seemed to be getting along just fine but not me, I felt alone. Alone in my own world, watching tv all day with my favorite cartoon characters, day dreaming, wishing and hoping that things would get better.

Art by Bello in Ghana Custom shoes by bellocolourthug


One day something amazing happened, I picked up a pen and started drawing. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had just made my first piece of art.

Not the best work of art but till this day I cannot explain the feeling, one thing was for certain though, I loved it! I started drawing more frequently and before I knew it I had created my own world, my own world in art. A world full of color and life.

Art by BellocolourthugAsake by Bellocolorthug


Fast forward to junior school, and Bello becomes the undisputed king of art education. He was racking up awards left and right, leaving his competitors eating his colorful dust “hahaha”.

He moved on to high school and eventually Unilag, where he graduated from the visual arts department. It was right there in Unilag the internet sensation “Bellocolourthug” was born.

Car Design by Bellocolourthug

Bello has taken Nigeria by storm with his jaw-dropping pieces of art. His latest work as of the time of this writing is his graffiti art for Rahman Jago’s High Fashion store. Here’s a picture of his work of art.

High Fashion art by Bello

He also started up his own fashion brand called “Thugyard”. Which showcases his artistic prowess with intrinsic designs on the shirts and pants. Thugyard is making waves in the Nigerian market and is projected to become one of the leading fashion brands in the country. You can purchase your Thugyard pieces at

Bello represents every Nigerian youth in hope for a better tomorrow. He has redefined the arts and fashion industry with his exceptional style. He is who every young designer looks up to.

Expect more from this young artist soon. Until next time!!!

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