Is PrideX a scam?

Is PrideX a scam?

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PrideX is an online urban streetwear platform for Africans by Africans. We exist to make sure that we give young African creatives the kind of support they need to promote their creative designs.

We discovered through extensive research that there are a lot of kids out here in Africa, who aspire to own clothing brands flagged all around the world, and we are here to make those dreams come to pass.

There are a whole lot of challenges within the urban streetwear industry in Nigeria, from selecting the right material for your wears, down to distribution. Here are a few hiccups most young aspiring fashion entrepreneurs would face while doing business in Nigeria. For starters;

1. Nigerian Printing Industry is a mess: Printing in Nigeria sucks, and I can say this from personal experience. Maybe we just have not searched hard enough for the right print companies but from what I have seen in the Nigerian market, it is extremely difficult to find a good printing company that is going to deliver a good print job; one that would last on the piece of clothing and not fade away after wash. There are a few out there who would do a pretty decent job but they are usually overpriced and for someone who’s just starting out, that might not be what you are looking for at the moment.

2. Finding Good T-shirt material: Most entrepreneurs when starting a clothing brand in Nigeria tend to slap on a graphic design over a T-shirt, I mean that’s the hustle isn’t it? The struggle however in Nigeria is where to find really good quality T-shirts that reflect your brand’s promise of quality and durable clothing. Most entrepreneurs just import T-shirts from China, Turkey, Thailand and the rest. For an upcoming entrepreneur with limited resources, you just might have to make do with what is available on ground. Do not get me wrong here, I am not saying it is impossible to get good clothing material or readymade T-shirts in Nigeria, I am only saying it is extremely difficult to find, so good luck hunting.

3. Promotion: After going through the hassles of finding a good printing company and quality T-shirt and you have successfully printed your first design, then comes the hassle of promoting the brand. The struggle exists in two parts:

i. Credit/ Debit card issues: The new Government policy restricts the use of Nigerian cards in foreign transactions. I sincerely do not know why this country has chosen to make us suffer for reasons not made known to us. It is a headache to find a card that would work, most people use dollar cards to pay for websites and ads on social media and Google. Fintech apps like Paypal and some others also do not function properly in the country, trust me this is a headache. Hopefully, our Government loosens up in the future or some tech start-up would come through and solve all our problems.

ii. Digital Marketing: This one does not necessarily have to do with the country, but nobody tells you that after figuring out the best graphic designs for your merch, the best print, and t-shirts, you also have to be a skilled digital marketer. Well to get your word out there and drive sales you have to learn how to promote your brand on social media and Google. This is also time-consuming and money-depleting, but hey anything for steady sales right? You got this!

4. Distribution: The rise of logistics companies in Nigeria has sort of made this one less of a hassle but you see Nigerian delivery companies especially the riders can mess up your brand and everything you worked so hard for. You have got to learn to be on top of your deliveries and make sure your riders are respectful and that they deliver on time.

Stating these issues brings us to what PrideX is all about. We have evaluated these issues and we are here to take the hassles of you. The brand seeks to facilitate the rise of urban streetwear in Africa. We pride ourselves in uniting the streetwear community all across Africa and taking it global.

We have liaised with some of the best printing companies in Nigeria and Ghana to make sure that our customers get the best of the best when it comes to printing. We also have a storage of quality T-shirts for your designs, and we deal with promotion and digital marketing. We promise to showcase your brand to our customers all around the world and deliver on time. In essence, we would do all the work for you, all you have to do is sign up with us.

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