Online shopping in Nigeria has grown tremendously over the years. The rise in online shopping in recent times can be attributed to the global pandemic, you know the one that had us all locked up in our houses, the sole reason for the now popular phrase “we outside”? Yh that one! Well since almost nobody could go outside to physical stores to buy stuff, we started shopping online and now it’s a thing.
Here the top 5 online stores dominating the marketplace in Nigeria currently.

1. Instagram: I know it is absurd to have Instagram on this list and sort of cliché. Hear me out here, with over 400 million users daily and a large percentage of those users being vendors, Instagram is the world largest online shopping platform. It means you do not necessarily have to know the specific vendor you are shopping from, just log on search for what you like, order and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

The only problem with shopping on Instagram is that there are a lot of scammers. So you have to be very careful about the vendor you are shopping from. Verify and also read up reviews from previous customers to find out if the seller you are about to purchase from is legitimate. Other than that, it is a pretty incredible platform to go shopping.

2. ASOS: Did you know that ASOS actually stands for “As seen on screen”? and the company initially set out to sell knockoffs of designers seen on TV? ASOS while not a Nigerian-based store, is a popular online store that offers a wide range of fashion items for men and women, including clothes, shoes, and accessories. They have a strong presence in Nigeria and offer affordable and stylish options for shoppers.

ASOS provides a comfortable way to get quality branded designer clothes at an affordable rate with a great website and well crisp photography. The UK-based platform appeals to the urban streetwear community in Nigeria. You should check this site out when you can.

3. PrideX: PrideX stores is Nigeria’s fastest growing online shopping platform for urban streetwear designed by local African creatives. You can find your favourite local brand on the platform with its unique styling options that leaves customers feeling refreshed. Customer experience is fantastic and the packaging is quite exquisite.

This is the perfect brand for online shopping Nigeria if you are looking for Nigerian-based designer clothes. You should check out the store now, especially if you are a sneaker head or streetwear fanatic

4. MisKay Boutique: Miskay Boutique is an online store that offers trendy fashion items for women. They offer a range of clothing items, including dresses, skirts, tops, and more. The boutique offers ladies the latest tailored made Ankara materials, along with shoes, bags and other accessories to go with. They also offer a whole lot of sales programs so keep your phones close, you never know when your favorite dress or shoes would be up on sale.

5. Ashluxury: As at 2020, Ashluxury took the world by storm with their favorite brand ambassador Davido dominating the scene sporting the brand’s luxurious clothing wear “Ashluxe”. As at that time everyone wanted to buy from Ashluxe and Ashluxury. The store has since then grown and have expanded to the UK having a branch there. Ashluxury sells high-end designer clothes to the 1% and serves that market segment well. It is a great place to shop.

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